[PYTHON-CRYPTO] SourceForge Project Approved (fwd)

PC Drew drewpc at COLORADO.EDU
Wed Feb 21 15:32:02 CET 2001

--On Wednesday, February 21, 2001 9:18 AM +0100 Michael Ströder <michael at STROEDER.COM> wrote:

> This was discussed to death on openssl-dev list. I'm not keen on a
> new discussion. And I'm not in favour of hosting on SourceForge.
> Guess why I started a mailing list in NL instead of A.M. Kuchling's
> list hosted on eGroups (US).

I can certainly appreciate your position.  I'm grateful to you for setting up this list and maintaining it.  I plan on staying a member of this list as well as the new lists.  I invite everyone who feels comfortable to, to join the SourceForge list as well.  I will be posting the API and goals that we've discussed for the groups' evalutation soon.

PC Drew

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