Interested in a Crypto-SIG?

Michael Ströder michael at
Sat Jan 27 20:19:02 CET 2001

"A.M. Kuchling" wrote:
> There's already a
> python-crypto list at egroups which could be used to coordinate work
> on such a unified API

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Subject: Welcome to python-crypto
Date: 27 Jan 2001 18:58:49 -0000
From: python-crypto Moderator <python-crypto-owner at>
<P>The list is hosted inside the US, as are its archives, so
to avoid falling afoul of the US export restrictions, it's
recommended that postings not contain complete programs or modules. 
A few lines of code, for illustrating a point or a bug, are probably
OK.  Patches to existing crypto code falls in a grey area; it's best
to mail them to the software's maintainer. 
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This does not attract me very much.

Ciao, Michael.

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