Python's SSL: Would you like to help?

Gerhard Häring gerhard at
Wed Sep 19 06:17:40 CEST 2001


sorry for mailing you all at once, if you're not interested, just drop this
mail and nobody will know ;-)

According to undisclosed sources, you have some knowledge in both Python and
OpenSSL. As you might know, the OpenSSL support in Python itself is far from
perfect, that's why there exist several third-party packages that implement SSL
support for Python.

I myself am quite new to sockets and OpenSSL and all that stuff, but somehow I
decided that I wanted to fix the current problems with Python's OpenSSL support
(Guido van Rossum said that Pythonlabs people don't have the resources):

I've just submitted a patch that tries to solve some of these problems:

If you have a few spare cycles, it would be much appreciated if you could
review the patch (and perhaps the SSL code in socketmodule.c, in the context of
which the patch is). That would help the Python community getting a stable,
basic OpenSSL implementation by default in Python 2.2.

Thanks for reading this far :-)

From my limited experience, I think the OpenSSL stuff in socketmodule.c is
quite broken. I think that it would be better to implement a new module
sslmodule.c in the Python standard library that would be largely interface
compatible with socketmodule.c, say .recv(), .send(), .makefile() methods and
so on.

If you have any interest in contributing to such an effort, please let me know.
Testing or code review only would of course be also important. But as I said, I
am a SSL newbie, I can't do it myself. Neither can Pythonlabs.

Many thanks,

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