[PYTHON-CRYPTO] Block cipher API again, AGAIN.

Paul Rubin phr-pycrypt at nightsong.com
Mon Jan 27 19:22:06 CET 2003

Can folks here look at


It's the latest version of a proposed new API for block ciphers in
Python.  This API is loosely inspired by the corresponding Java
classes and implements all the standard FIPS modes (its CFB mode is
kind of half-assed right now).  My intention is to reach some
consensus on the API, then re-implement it in C along with the [3]DES
and AES ciphers, and submit it to Guido for inclusion in Python 2.3.
If it looks reasonable to you, I'll post that url to sci.crypt and
comp.lang.python for further comments, but I want to catch any howlers
before that.

This all needs to get done pretty soon, in order to make it in time
for 2.3.  But Guido has expressed interest in it, so if we can pull
this off, we will finally have real crypto in the standard Python



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