[PYTHON-CRYPTO] SSL.Connection and select

Andre Reitz reitz at INWORKS.DE
Tue Jun 1 10:23:03 CEST 2004

 I just read an old discussion about SSL-Sockets and select.

Therefore a question:

Does the standard select function work on SSL-Sockets or not?

I need a blocking SSL Connection.
Because my application is a multithreaded server, I


and then:

        def _read(self,count):
                assert count>0
                        while 1:
                                if s==None: 
                                        assert s #s must not be ""!
                                        return s #less than count bytes is ok
                except SSL.SSLError,err:
                        if err.args[0]=="unexpected eof": return "" #EOF
                        else                            : raise

Now I want to get rid of the time.sleep(0.001).

My Idea is to use select, but I am confused if it is 
a correct way to use select on a SSL-Socket.

Thank you very much in advance,
Greetings, Andre'


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