[PYTHON-CRYPTO] M2Crypto upgrade problems.

Artur Frysiak wiget at PLD-LINUX.ORG
Wed Jun 2 11:33:49 CEST 2004

On Wed, Jun 02, 2004 at 06:36:18PM +1000, Terry Kerr wrote:
> Hi,
> I am new to this list, and pretty much an amature with M2Crypto.  We
> have a product which used M2Crypto 0.08 with python 2.1.3 for SMIME
> encryption of e-mails.  I am investigating the task of upgrading our
> product to use python2.3.3 and the latest M2Crypto (0.13).
> The product is built on Zope 2.7 with ZServerSSL, and the ZServerSSL
> works fine, however, the SMIME encryption part of our product
> doesn't...it Seg Faults!
> Further investigation shows that demo/smime/test.py also doesn't work,
> it also seg faults in the same way.
> I am running on debian linux with:
> - source install of python 2.3.3
> - source install of openssl-0.9.7d
> - source install of m2crypto-0.13
> - debian package install of 1.3.21-5
> The seg fault occurs on the actual s.encrypt(buf) call in test.py in the
> encrypt/decrypt test which I have included for your convenience:

This is openssl 0.9.7d problem.
(extracted from http://cvs.openssl.org/chngview?cn=12080)
and recompile openssl.

Artur Frysiak

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