[PYTHON-CRYPTO] [Announce] M2Crypto 0.13

Ng Pheng Siong ngps at POST1.COM
Tue Mar 30 05:42:11 CEST 2004


M2Crypto 0.13 is now available.

 Changes since 0.12/0.11
- Patches from Artur Frysiak <wiget at pld-linux.org>. Thanks Artur.
  = Allow using a passphrase callback in class SMIME.
  = Added method get0_signers to class PKCS7, which retrieves signers'
    certificates from a PKCS7 blob.
  = Added methods as_pem and save_pem to class X509.
  = Added file version.py.
  = Allow SSL.Context.load_verify_locations to accept both 'cafile' and
- Fixed BIO.read() not reading until EOF. Thanks to Egil Muller
  <redhog at redhog.org> for suggestion.
- Honour 'mode' parameter in SSL.Connection.makefile. Thanks again to Egil
- Roger Binns contributed epydoc-generated docs for M2Crypto. Thanks Roger.
- Peter Teniz contributed patches to create X.509 requests and certificates.
  Thanks Peter.
- Updated Medusa to 0.54.
- Make various OpenSSL bignum functions (written long ago) available to Python.

As usual, find it here:


Feedback is appreciated. Cheers.

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