[PYTHON-CRYPTO] Problem downloading large files

Laurikainen, Tuukka t.laurikainen at IBERMATICA.COM
Mon Jul 11 12:55:08 CEST 2005

Hello all,

We're having some problems downloading large files from Zope/Plone
running on win32.
Uploads works ok.
There's been some discussion about similar issues, but with uploads
The variable ac_out_buffer_size in https_server.py mentioned in that
post is not present in the current version. The ac_in_buffer_size is
assigned a value of 32k (1 << 16 bit shift operation). We've tried to
change this value but with no success.

This seems to be a problem only with SSL connections. If we download the
same file (say, for example of 200MB) through HTTP connection the file
transfers correctly. The same transfer through an SSL connection
produces a corrupted file.

M2Crypto 0.13 (suppose, The ZServerSSL has been installed with the
Windows installer), Plone 2.0.3, Zope 2.7.0, Python 2.3.3 on win32.

Kind regards,


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