[PYTHON-CRYPTO] m2crypto version confusion

Patrick Dreker patrick at DREKER.DE
Mon Feb 6 03:08:08 CET 2006


I am looking into packaging m2crypto and I am slightly confused about
the current version. http://sandbox.rulemaker.net/ngps/m2/ which looks
like the official homepage has version 0.13 and a patch for 0.13.1 and
calls that the "latest release".

http://wiki.osafoundation.org/bin/view/Projects/MeTooCrypto on the other
hand has a 0.15 tarball, which is declared the current release...

So just to clarify the situation: Which version is the latest released
version? Is 0.15 a devel snapshot, or is it really a release?

Thanks in advance,

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