[PYTHON-CRYPTO] X509_NAME_ENTRY_create_by_txt type signature fix

Pavel Shramov shramov at MEXMAT.NET
Fri Jul 13 13:09:41 CEST 2007

X509_NAME_ENTRY_create_by_txt as other OpenSSL functions take 'bytes'
parameter of type 'unsigned char *' Python string is represented in
SWIG as 'char *'. Some functions that are used in Python code are exported 
with 'char * bytes'. For example code from SWIG/_x509.i

412 /* x509_name_add_entry_by_txt */
413 int x509_name_add_entry_by_txt(X509_NAME *name, char *field, int type, char *bytes, int len, int loc, int set) {
414     return X509_NAME_add_entry_by_txt(name, field, type, bytes, len, loc, set);
415 }

Attached patch fixes type signature of x509_name_entry_create_by_txt
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