[PYTHON-CRYPTO] Python, Windows, OpenSSL and applink.c (was Execute connect_ssl() twice...)

Larry Bugbee bugbee at MAC.COM
Sat Mar 17 06:06:59 CET 2007

> Just in case anyone is interested, this issue is due to the  
> inclusion (or in
> the case of linux: the exclusion) of applink.c in openssl. When  
> building
> without using applink.c, the same phenomenon takes place in Windows  
> as it
> does in Linux. So this is an issue with openssl (and the "need" for
> rebuilding python using applink.c) not necessarily m2crypto.

The applink.c problem was identified on this list last Spring.  I'm  
sad to see another manifestation at this late date.  (This seems to  
be a Windows thingy; I am having no problems under OSX nor do I  
recall problems under Linux.)

Windows versions of Python need to be compiled with applink.c  
included in python.c if Python is to talk to OpenSSL, regardless of  
wrapper.  Attempts to build M2Crypto with applink failed because  
OPENSSL_ApplinkTable etc need to be visible from main().

It sure would be nice to be able to distribute Python/OpenSSL apps  
without having to ask every casual Windows user to recompile Python.   
Does it make sense the distribution versions of python.exe be pre- 
built with applink?  ...conditional to windows only.  Yes?  No?  Does  
compiling in applink cause problems elsewhere?

To whom should this be directed?

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