[Python-Dev] Buffer interface in abstract.c?

Mark Hammond mhammond@skippinet.com.au
Tue, 3 Aug 1999 10:41:23 +1000

Hi all,
	Im trying to slowly wean myself over to the buffer interfaces.

My exploration so far indicates that, for most cases, simply replacing
"PyString_FromStringAndSize" with "PyBuffer_FromMemory" handles the vast
majority of cases, and is preferred when the data contains arbitary bytes.
PyArg_ParseTuple("s#", ...) still works correctly as we would hope.

However, performing this explicitly is a pain.  Looking at getargs.c, the
code to achieve this is a little too convoluted to cut-and-paste each time.

Therefore, I would like to propose these functions to be added to

int PyObject_GetBufferSize();
void *PyObject_GetReadWriteBuffer(); /* or "char *"?  */
const void *PyObject_GetReadOnlyBuffer();

Although equivalent functions exist for the buffer object, I can't see the
equivalent abstract implementations - ie, that work with any object
supporting the protocol.

Im willing to provide a patch if there is agreement a) the general idea is
good, and b) my specific spelling of the idea is OK (less likely -
PyBuffer_* seems better, but loses any implication of being abstract?).