[Python-Dev] Buffer interface in abstract.c?

Greg Stein gstein@lyra.org
Mon, 02 Aug 1999 18:51:43 -0700

Mark Hammond wrote:
> ...
> Therefore, I would like to propose these functions to be added to
> abstract.c:
> int PyObject_GetBufferSize();
> void *PyObject_GetReadWriteBuffer(); /* or "char *"?  */
> const void *PyObject_GetReadOnlyBuffer();
> Although equivalent functions exist for the buffer object, I can't see the
> equivalent abstract implementations - ie, that work with any object
> supporting the protocol.
> Im willing to provide a patch if there is agreement a) the general idea is
> good, and b) my specific spelling of the idea is OK (less likely -
> PyBuffer_* seems better, but loses any implication of being abstract?).

Marc-Andre proposed exactly the same thing back at the end of March (to
me and Guido). The two of us hashed out some of the stuff and M.A. came
up with a full patch for the stuff. Guido was relatively non-committal
at the point one way or another, but said they seemed fine. It appears
the stuff never made it into source control.

If Marc-Andre can resurface the final proposal/patch, then we'd be set.

Until then: use the bufferprocs :-)


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