[Python-Dev] dbm clone with serious specs wanted

Christopher Petrilli petrilli@amber.org
Fri, 10 Dec 1999 11:29:27 -0500

Guido van Rossum [guido@CNRI.Reston.VA.US] wrote:
> Someone has asked me for a dbm clone that can store 16M keys of 350
> bytes each, and runs on Linux, HPUX, and NT.  That's 5.6 Gigabyte in
> keys alone!  I presume most classic approaches won't cut it since
> total file size is typicall limited by the seek system call, internal
> data structures and/or file index format to 2Gb (signed longs) or 4Gb
> (unsigned longs).
> Does anyone have an idea where to start looking?  Would a Python
> extension already exist?

Assuming you mean an interface to a ddbm-style situation, you could easily
use berkeley DB, I belive it is limited in the 4TB range...  

| Christopher Petrilli
| petrilli@amber.org