[Python-Dev] Paul Prescod: add Expat to 1.6

Tim Peters tim_one@email.msn.com
Thu, 1 Jul 1999 22:33:23 -0400

[large vs small distributions]

[Jack Jansen]
> I don't know whether this subject belongs on the python-dev list (is
> there a separate distutils list?), but let's please be very careful
> with this. [and recounts his problems with Perl]

I must say the idea of a minimal distribution sounds very appealing.  But
then I consider that Guido never got me to even try Tk until he put it into
the std Windows distribution, and I've never given anyone any code that
won't work with a fresh-from-the-box distribution either.  FrankS's snappy
"batteries included" wouldn't carry quite the same punch if it got reduced
to "coupons for batteries hidden in the docs" <wink>.

OTOH, I've got about as much use for XML as MarkH has for continuations
<twist>, and here-- as in many other places --we've been saved so far by
Guido's good judgment about what goes in & what stays out.

So it's a good thing he can't ever resign this responsibility <wink>.

if-20%-of-users-need-something-i'd-include-it-else-not-ly y'rs  - tim