[Python-Dev] Re: Welcome Jean-Claude Wippler

Jean-Claude Wippler jcw@equi4.com
Tue, 06 Jul 1999 11:27:13 +0200

Thank you Guido, for admitting this newbie to Python-dev :)

[Guido: ... you are mostly interested in lurking ... digest mode ...]

Fear of being flooded by email, a little shy (who, me?), and yes, a bit
of curiosity.  Gosh, I got to watch my steps, you figured it all out :)

Thanks again.  I went through the last month or so of discussion, and am
fascinated by the topics and issues you guys are dealing with.  And now,
seeing Tim's generator/coroutine/continuations description is fantastic.
Makes it obvious that I'm already wasting way too much bandwidth.

When others come to mind, I'll let them know about this list.  But so
far, everyone I can come up with already is a member, it seems.

-- Jean-Claude