[Python-Dev] licensing

Mark Hammond MHammond at skippinet.com.au
Tue Jun 8 10:46:33 CEST 1999

> Nope... you haven't goofed. I was thrown off when a certain person
> (nudge, nudge) goofed in their upcoming book, which I
> recently reviewed.

I now feel for the other Mark and David, Aaron et al, etc.  Our book is out
of date in a number of ways before the tech reviewers even saw it.

Medusa wasnt a good example - I should have known better when I wrote it.
But Pythonwin is a _real_ problem.  Just as I start writing the book, Neil
sends me a really cool editor control and it leads me down a path of
IDLE/Pythonwin integration.

So almost _everything_ I have already written on "IDEs for Python" is
already out of date - and printing is not scheduled for a number of months.

[This may help explain to Guido and Tim my recent fervour in this area - I
want to get the "new look" Pythonwin ready for the book.  I just yesterday
got a dockable interactive window happening.  Now adding a splitter window
to each window to expose a pyclbr based tree control and then it is time to
stop (and re-write that chapter :-]


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