[Python-Dev] ActiveState & fork & Perl

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Tue Jun 8 12:25:47 CEST 1999

> (modesty, fear of being labeled 'commercial', fear of exposing that
> they're not 100% busy, so "can't be good", etc.).

fwiw, we're seeing an endless stream of mails from moral
crusaders even before we have opened the little Python-
Ware shoppe (coming soon, coming soon).  some of them
are quite nasty, to say the least...

I usually tell them to raise their concerns on c.l.python
instead.  they never do.

> One thing that ActiveState has going for it which doesn't exist in the
> Python world is a corporate entity devoted to software development and
> distribution.

saying that there is NO such entity is a bit harsh, I think ;-)

but different "scripting" companies are using different
strategies, by various reasons.  Scriptics, ActiveState,
PythonWare, UserLand, Harlequin, Rebol, etc. are all
doing similar things, but in different ways (due to markets,
existing communities, and probably most important:
different funding strategies).  But we're all corporate
entities devoted to software development...


by the way, if someone thinks there's no money in Python,
consider this:


    Google is looking to expand its operations and needs
    talented engineers to develop the next generation
    search engine. If you have a need to bring order to
    a chaotic web, contact us.


    Several years of industry or hobby-based experience 
    B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent (M.S. a plus) 
    Extensive experience programming in C or C++ 
    Extensive experience programming in the UNIX environment 
    Knowledge of TCP/IP and network programming 
    Experience developing/designing large software systems 
    Experience programming in Python a plus 


    Google Inc., a year-old Internet search-engine company,
    said it has attracted $25 million in venture-capital funding
    and will add two of Silicon Valley's best-known financiers,
    Michael Moritz and L. John Doerr, to its board.

    Even by Internet standards, Google has attracted an un-
    usually large amount of money for a company still in its


looks like anyone on this list could get a cool Python job
for an unusually over-funded startup within minutes ;-)


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