[Python-Dev] Stackless Preview

Vladimir Marangozov Vladimir.Marangozov at inrialpes.fr
Wed Jun 9 00:45:48 CEST 1999

Jeremy Hylton wrote:
>   CT> If it's none of the three above, I'd be happy to get a hint if I
>   CT> should continue, or if and what I should change.
> I'm one of the silent 5 or 6.  My reasons fall under "None of the
> above."   They are three in number:
> ...
> My only suggestion would be to have an executive summary.  If there
> was a short README file -- no more than 150 lines -- that described
> the essentials of the approach and told me what to look at first, I
> would be able to comment more quickly.  

Same here + a small wish: please save me the stripping of the ^M
line endings typical for MSW, so that I can load the files directly in
Xemacs on a Unix box. Otherwise, like Jeremy, I was a bit lost trying
to read ceval.c which is already too hairy.

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