[Python-Dev] Stackless Preview

Tim Peters tim_one at email.msn.com
Wed Jun 9 04:27:35 CEST 1999

[Christian Tismer]
> ...
> If it's none of the three above, I'd be happy to get a hint if I
> should continue, or if and what I should change.

Sorry, Chris!  Just a case of "no time" here.  Of *course* you should
continue, and Guido should pop in with an encouraging word too -- or a
"forget it".  I think this design opens the doors to a world of interesting
ideas, but that's based on informed prejudice rather than careful study of
your code.  Cheer up:  if everyone thought you were a lame ass, we all would
have studied your code intensely by now <wink>.

>     2. I tried to use ndiff to compare old and new ceval.c, but
>        ran into some problems with that tool.  (Tim, it looks
>        like the line endings are identical -- all '\012'.)

Then let's treat this like a real bug <wink>:  which version of Python did
you use?  And ship me the files in a tarball (I'll find a way to extract
them intact).  And does that specific Python+ndiff combo work OK on *other*
files?  Or does it fail to find any lines in common no matter what you feed
it (a 1-line test case would be a real help <wink>)?

I couldn't provoke a problem with the stock 1.5.2 ndiff under the stock
1.5.2 Windows Python, using the then-current CVS snapshot of ceval.c as
file1 and the ceval.c from Christian's stackless_990606.zip file as file2.
Both files have \r\n line endings for me, though (one thanks to CVS line
translation, and the other thanks to WinZip line translation).

or-were-you-running-ndiff-under-the-stackless-python<wink>?-ly y'rs  - tim

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