[Python-Dev] String methods... finally

Mark Hammond MHammond at skippinet.com.au
Fri Jun 11 01:59:17 CEST 1999

> I've finally checked my string methods changes into the source tree,
> albeit on a CVS branch (see below).  These changes are outgrowths of


Would this also be a good opportunity to dust-off the Unicode
implementation the string-sig recently came up with (as implemented by
Fredrik) and get this in as a type?

Although we still have the unresolved issue of how to use PyArg_ParseTuple
etc to convert to/from Unicode and 8bit, it would still be nice to have
Unicode and String objects capable of being used interchangably at the
Python level.

Of course, the big problem with attempting to test out these sorts of
changes is that you must do so in code that will never see the public for a
good 12 months.  I suppose a 1.5.25 is out of the question ;-)


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