[Python-Dev] Aside: apply syntax

David Ascher da at ski.org
Fri Jun 11 19:02:49 CEST 1999

On Fri, 11 Jun 1999, Jack Jansen wrote:

> What exactly would the semantics be? While I hate the apply() loops you have 
> to jump through nowadays to get this behaviour I don't funny understand how 
> this would work in general (as opposed to in this case). For instance, would
>     Foo(self, 12, *args, **kw)
> be allowed? And
>     Foo(self, *args, x=12, **kw)

Following the rule used for argument processing now, if it's unambiguous,
it should be allowed, and not otherwise.  So, IMHO, the above two should
be allowed, and I suspect 

  Foo.__init__(self, *args, *args2)

could be too, but

  Foo.__init__(self, **kw, **kw2)

should not, as dictionary addition is not allowed.

However, I could live with the more restricted version as well.  


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