[Python-Dev] Merge the string_methods tag?

Mark Hammond MHammond at skippinet.com.au
Fri Jun 18 10:31:21 CEST 1999

Ive been running the string_methods tag (term?) under CVS for quite some
time now, and it seems to work perfectly.  I admit that I havent stressed
the string methods much, but I feel confident that Barry's patches havent
broken existing string code.

Also, I find using that tag with CVS a bit of a pain.  A few updates have
been checked into the main branch, and you tend to miss these (its a pity
CVS can't be told "only these files are affected by this tag, so the rest
should follow the main branch."  I know I can do that personally, but that
means I personally need to know all files possibly affected by the branch.)
Anyway, I digress...

I propose that these extensions be merged into the main branch.  The main
advantage is that we force more people to bash on it, rather than allowing
them to make that choice <wink>.  If the Unicode type is also considered
highly experimental, we can make a new tag for that change, but that is
really quite independant of the string methods.


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