[Python-Dev] Relative package imports

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Fri Jun 18 12:51:21 CEST 1999

> 2. Both Zope and PIL have a top-level module named ImageFile.py
>    (different ones of course).
> Now the problem is how to resolve these issues. One possibility
> is turning Zope and PIL into proper packages altogether. To
> ease this transition, one would need a way to specify relative
> intra-package imports and a way to tell pickle where to look
> for modules/packages.

fwiw, PIL 1.0b1 can already be used as a package, but you
have to explicitly import the file format handlers you need:

    from PIL import Image
    import PIL.GifImagePlugin
    import PIL.PngImagePlugin
    import PIL.JpegImagePlugin

etc.  this has been fixed in PIL 1.0 final.


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