[Python-Dev] cvs problems

Tim Peters tim_one at email.msn.com
Fri Jun 18 17:41:54 CEST 1999

> ...could anyone explain why I keep getting this error?
> $ cvs -z6 up -P -d
> ...
> cvs server: Updating dist/src/Tools/ht2html
> cvs [server aborted]: cannot open directory
> /projects/cvsroot/python/dist/src/Tools/ht2html: No such
> file or directory
> it used to work...

It stopped working a week ago Thursday, and Guido & Barry know about it.
The directory in question vanished from the server under mysterious
circumstances.  You can get going again by deleting the ht2html line in your
local Tools/CVS/Entries file.

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