[Python-Dev] Re: ob_refcnt access

Vladimir Marangozov Vladimir.Marangozov at inrialpes.fr
Thu Jun 24 18:33:31 CEST 1999

marangoz wrote:
> How about introducing internal macros for explicit ob_refcnt accesses
> in the core? Actually, there are a number of places where one can see
> "op->ob_refcnt" logic, which could be replaced with _Py_GETREF(op),
> _Py_SETREF(op, n) thus decoupling completely the low level refcount
> management defined in object.h:
> #define _Py_GETREF(op)    (((PyObject *)op)->ob_refcnt)
> #define _Py_SETREF(op, n) (((PyObject *)op)->ob_refcnt = (n))
> Comments?

Of course, the above should be (PyObject *)(op)->ob_refcnt. Also, I forgot
to mention that if this detail doesn't hurt code aesthetics, one (I) could
experiment more easily all sort of weird things with refcounting...

I formulated the same wish for malloc & friends some time ago, that is,
use everywhere in the core PyMem_MALLOC, PyMem_FREE etc, which would be
defined for now as malloc, free, but nobody seems to be very excited
about a smooth transition to other kinds of malloc. Hence, I reiterate
this wish, 'cause switching to macros means preparing the code for the
future, even if in the future it remains intact ;-).

Defining these basic interfaces is clearly Guido's job :-) as he points
out in his summary of the last Open Source summit, but nevertheless,
I'm raising the issue to let him see what other people think about this
and allow him to make decisions easier :-)

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