[Python-Dev] ob_refcnt access

Christian Tismer tismer at appliedbiometrics.com
Fri Jun 25 20:56:39 CEST 1999

Tim Peters wrote:
> [Ka-Ping Yee, opines about GC]
> Ping, I think you're not getting any responses because this has been beaten
> to death on c.l.py over the last month (for the 53rd time, no less <wink>).
> A hefty percentage of CPython users *like* the reliably timely destruction
> refcounting yields, and some clearly rely on it.

[CG issue dropped, I know the thread]

I know how much of a pain in the .. proper refcounting can be.
Sometimes, after long debugging, I wished it would go. But
finally, I think it is a *really good thing* to have to do
proper refcounting.
The reason is that this causes a lot of discipline, which
improves the whole program. I guess with GC always there,
quite a number of errors stay undetected.

I can say this, since I have been through a week of debugging
now, and I can now publish 

       full blown first class continuations for Python

yes I'm happy - chris

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