[Python-Dev] Merge the string_methods tag?

Skip Montanaro skip at mojam.com
Mon Jun 28 00:11:28 CEST 1999

    Guido> Hmm...  This would make it hard to make a patch release for 1.5.2
    Guido> (possible called 1.5.3?).  I *really* don't want the string
    Guido> methods to end up in a release yet -- there are too many rough
    Guido> edges (e.g. some missing methods, should join str() or not,
    Guido> etc.).

Sorry for the delayed response.  I've been out of town.  When Barry returns
would it be possible to merge the string methods in conditionally (#ifdef
STRING_METHODS) and add a --with-string-methods configure option?  How hard
would it be to modify string.py, stringobject.c and stropmodule.c to carry
that around?

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