[Python-Dev] ActiveState & fork & Perl

Tim Peters tim_one at email.msn.com
Mon Jun 28 05:13:15 CEST 1999

Moving back in time ...

> Perhaps Christian's stackless Python would enable green threads...

> This has been suggested before...  While this seems possible at first,
> all blocking I/O calls would have to be redone to pass control to the
> thread scheduler, before this would be useful -- a huge task!

I didn't understand this.  If I/O calls are left alone, and a green thread
hit one, the whole program just sits there waiting for the call to complete,

But if the same thing happens using "real threads" today, the same thing
happens today anyway <wink>.  That is, if a thread doesn't release the
global lock before a blocking call today, the whole program just sits there

Or do you have some other kind of problem in mind here?

unconvincedly y'rs  - tim

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