[Python-Dev] Is Python Free Software, free software, Open Source, open source, etc?

Mark Hammond MHammond at skippinet.com.au
Wed Jun 30 01:47:26 CEST 1999

This probably isnt the correct list, but I really dont want to start a
philosophical discussion - hopefully people here are both "in the know" and
able to resist a huge thread :-)

Especially given the recent slashdot flamefest between RMS and ESR, I
thought it worth getting correct.

I just read a statement early in our book - "Python is an Open Source tool,

Is this "near enough"?  Should I avoid this term in preference for
something more generic (ie, even simply dropping the caps?) - but the
OS(tm) idea seems doomed anyway...

Just-hoping-to-avoid-flame-mail-from-rabid-devotees-of-either-religion :-)


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