[Python-Dev] Another 1.6 wish

Mark Hammond mhammond@skippinet.com.au
Sat, 20 Nov 1999 11:04:28 +1100

> Also, we have a couple minor convenience functions for Python in an
> MSDEV environment, an exposure of OutputDebugString for writing to
> the DevStudio log window and a means of tripping DevStudio C/C++
> breakpoints from Python code (currently experimental).  The msvcrt
> module seems like a likely candidate for these, would these be
> welcome additions?

These are both available in the win32api module.  They dont really fit
in the "msvcrt" module, as they are not part of the C runtime library,
but the win32 API itself.

This is really a pointer to the fact that some or all of the win32api
should be moved into the core - registry access is the thing people
most want, but there are plenty of other useful things that people
reguarly use...

Guido objects to the coding style, but hopefully that wont be a big
issue.  IMO, the coding style isnt "bad" - it is just more an "MS"
flavour than a "Python" flavour - presumably people reading the code
will have some experience with Windows, so it wont look completely
foreign to them.  The good thing about taking it "as-is" is that it
has been fairly well bashed on over a few years, so is really quite
stable.  The final "coding style" issue is that there are no "doc
strings" - all documentation is embedded in C comments, and extracted
using a tool called "autoduck" (similar to "autodoc").  However, Im
sure we can arrange something there, too.