[Python-Dev] License cleanup

Tim Peters tim_one@email.msn.com
Wed, 15 Sep 1999 01:40:35 -0400

I dislike the new license.  Selling Python at work wasn't easy, but the
short & straightforward CWI license went a *long* way toward convincing the
suits there was little to worry about.  The new license has several blobs of
lawyer-speak that ensure the next battle will be much harder -- the prospect
of license revocation, some fuzzy concept of derivative works, and vague
"prominent display" requirements?  Boston lawyers charge Really Big Bux to
guess what that gibberish might mean in Virginia.  The only bright side is
that we now get explicit rights to "perform" and "display" Python

> If you believe that special circumstances exist that make it
> impossible or difficult for you to sign the form, please send me
> email, and we'll discuss the matter.

It would less hassle for me if you took all my contributions out <0.9 wink>.

i'll-sign-but-it's-really-really-really-depressing-ly y'rs  - tim