[Python-Dev] License cleanup

Mark Hammond mhammond@skippinet.com.au
Thu, 16 Sep 1999 11:20:10 +1000

> CNRI understands that open source (and now Open Source -- the OSI
> board has approved the old Python license!) like Python requires
> different licensing terms than a typical product developed solely by

Actually, this is a good point.  I know the issue of payment may get
in the way, but it would make sense to have any future proposed
licenses reviewed by a lawyer "on our side" - eg, someone whose
mandate is to give a legal opinion on the risks and liabilities of the
_user_ of the license.  Obviously the CNRI lawers are protecting their
(ie, CNRI's) interests, and everyone on this group is concerned about
their own (ie, personally, their company, or companies they wish to
introduct Python into) interests.

If the legal jibberish can't be removed (which is likely with lawyers
involved) I know I would personally feel much more comfortable with a
legal opinion covering my interests..

But as I said, who will pay?  If nothing else, we should ensure the
OSI approves of the new license...  Or maybe we can convince CNRI
there is real and serious concern, and they could pay for an external
IP lawyer?