[Python-Dev] Relative Package Imports

Mark Hammond mhammond@skippinet.com.au
Thu, 16 Sep 1999 14:28:19 +1000

> Don't feel picked on, M-A!  Opposition is normal and healthy;

As a (hopefully welcome) tangent to this discussion, I am currently
reading "Dynamics of Software Development" by Jim McCarty.  He has an
interesting section on exactly this.  I will quote it verbatim (typing
it in, so forgive typos).

I present it without comment other than:  It appears we are a healthy


The Problem of Creativity:
Creativity in a group is always limited by the groups defensiveness,
and some amount of defensiveness is healthy.  In the healthy team,
then, no matter how highly valued creativity is ostensibly, change
beyond a certain normative quantity or degree will be resisted.  And
even change within bounds will be accepted only insofar as it can seem
to fall under the rubric of "improvement".  Change must seem to build
on the previously known and accepted reality.  Even if there are only
two steps involved in a change, with the second building on the first,
in a single reality cycle - single product development cycle for us -
the change is likely to be rejected by the healthy team.

What you need for truly creative change, then, is an environment that
transcends good health, an environment that not only accepts a
continuum of change, which is normal, but one that positively
engenders, nurtures and propels forward wholly new dynamics.  The
transcendent organization values radical or revolutionary change and
esteems utterly new modes of thought.  It's possible for a team to be
healthy and not particularly creative, but this state of affairs is
not especially desirable.  What is desirable is team fecundity [MH -
had to look this up - "intellectually productive or inventive to a
marked degree" - synonym of fertile], the radiating of the new and the
original from the normal and the healthy.  This kind of creativity
requires a flexibility and a courage beyond the reach of most of us
most of the time

It's ironic and worth remembering that the healthier the team the more
effective the resistance to revolutionary thought will be.  This is a
natural consequence of the teams overall effectiveness on every
relevant domain.
-- end of quote--