[Python-Dev] Relative Package Imports

Greg Stein gstein@lyra.org
Thu, 16 Sep 1999 04:00:50 -0700

M.-A. Lemburg wrote:
> ...
> Seems that we're a bit too healthy (see MarkH's post) sometimes,
> i.e. there isn't all that much room for experiments. Just think
> of cool developments like Chris' stackless python. Experience shows
> that these kind of things will never make it into the distribution.

A portion of my threading patches went into 1.5. "Big" things can happen
and they do... it's just a matter of passing muster with The Head
Honcho. That, and the timing (e.g. the thread state changes wouldn't go
into a 1.4.n release, but did go into 1.5).

> Unfortunately, maintaing patches to the dist across releases a real
> pain and much work, so these ideas will just sit there unused and
> untested. Much the same happened to gcc ... in the end corporate
> strength made egcs possible. Perhaps we need such a branch too ?



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