[Python-Dev] Towards a Python based import scheme

Jim Fulton jim@digicool.com
Thu, 16 Sep 1999 10:56:53 -0400

"M.-A. Lemburg" wrote:
>  a working __path__ implementation (is anyone using this attribute
>   which only is available in packages ?)

Yes. I use it for two things:

  - I modify it to allow a (logical) package to be spread over
    multiple physical locations. (In Zope, products can be installed
    in the Zope installation area or in Zope "instance" homes.

  - I use it to determine the location(s) of a package.
    Our packages usually contain many files, such as DTML
    source files, images, data files, etc., that are not Python
    modules.  We have standard utilities for getting at these files
    in packages.  This is extremely useful.


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