[Python-Dev] Alternative Approach to Relative Imports

Jim Fulton jim@digicool.com
Wed, 22 Sep 1999 12:25:25 -0400

Guido van Rossum wrote:
> > > Comment 2: I generally like this scheme, but think (for
> > > consistency and confusion-reduction) that it should go straight
> > > up the tree, instead of checking the root second.
> >
> > That would probably break code because the search could
> > find some other module having the same name as a top-level
> > one. OTOH, perhaps that situation is not all the common to
> > fear too much about it.
> >
> > Walking up all the way would certainly be easier to explain to
> > a 12-year old ;-)
> Yes, please.  Do the long-term understandable thing here.  I expect
> not too many packages have defined subpackages (or submodules) whose
> name conflicts with a standard library module, so you ought to be
> pretty safe here!

Walking straight up the tree is my preference.  I think it is
very natural.


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