[Python-Dev] Alternative Approach to Relative Imports

James C. Ahlstrom jim@interet.com
Wed, 29 Sep 1999 09:59:11 -0400

"M.-A. Lemburg" wrote:
> I know, but there still is no way to query what kind of hooks
> are already loaded and what is worse, you cannot unload or reorder
> them.

I think this is a valid point.  I am interested in hooks to read
modules from a file archive.  If you are a developer, it is
necessary to turn this hook OFF, so that you can revert to the
usual directory tree where your current source is.

I am solving this by leaving a global variable "Importer" in
sitecustomize, and calling sitecustomize.Importer.enable(0).
This works, but it might be useful if imputil could de-install
a hook as well as install it.

Jim Ahlstrom