[Python-Dev] Splitting up _cursesmodule

Thomas Gellekum tg@melaten.rwth-aachen.de
14 Dec 2000 14:07:12 +0100

Andrew Kuchling <akuchlin@mems-exchange.org> writes:

> I'm ambivalent about the list_of_panels.  It's a linked list storing
> (PyWindow, PyPanel) pairs.  Probably it should use a dictionary
> instead of implementing a little list, just to reduce the amount of
> code.

I don't like it either, so feel free to shred it. As I said, this is
the first (piece of an) extension module I've written and I thought it
would be easier to implement a little list than to manage a Python
list or such in C.

> So, I suggest we create _curses_panel.c, which would be available as
> curses.panel.  (A panel.py module could then add any convenience
> functions that are required.)
> Thomas, do you want to work on this, or should I?

Just do it. I'll try to add more examples in the meantime.