[Python-Dev] PEP 226

Guido van Rossum guido@python.org
Sat, 16 Dec 2000 11:46:32 -0500

[Oops, I posted a partial edit of this message by mistake before.]

> I remember earlier discussion on the Python 2.1 release schedule, and
> never managed to comment on those.
> I believe that Python contributors and maintainers did an enourmous
> job in releasing Python 2, which took quite some time from everybody's
> life. I think it is unrealistic to expect the same amount of
> commitment for the next release, especially if that release appears
> just a few months after the previous release (that is, one month from
> now).
> So I'd like to ask the release manager to take that into
> account. I'm not quite sure what kind of action I expect; possible
> alternatives are:
> - declare 2.1 a pure bug fix release only; with a minimal set of new
>   features. In particular, don't push for completion of PEPs; everybody
>   should then accept that most features that are currently discussed
>   will appear in Python 2.2.
> - move the schedule for Python 2.1 back (or is it forward?) by, say, a
>   few month. This will people give some time to do the things that did
>   not get the right amount of attention during 2.0 release, and will
>   still allow to work on new and interesting features.
> Just my 0.02EUR,

You're right -- 2.0 (including 1.6) was a monumental effort, and I'm
grateful to all who contributed.

I don't expect that 2.1 will be anywhere near the same amount of work!

Let's look at what's on the table.  These are listed as Active PEPs --
under serious consideration for Python 2.1:

> 0042  Small Feature Requests                 Hylton

We can do some of these or leave them.

> 0205  Weak References                        Drake

This one's open.

> 0207  Rich Comparisons                       Lemburg, van Rossum

This is really not that much work -- I would've done it already if I
weren't distracted by the next one.

> 0208  Reworking the Coercion Model           Schemenauer

Neil has most of this under control.  I don't doubt for a second that
it will be finished.

> 0217  Display Hook for Interactive Use       Zadka

Probably a 20-line fix.

> 0222  Web Library Enhancements               Kuchling

Up to Andrew.  If he doesn't get to it, no big deal.

> 0226  Python 2.1 Release Schedule            Hylton

I still think this is realistic -- a release before the conference
seems doable!

> 0227  Statically Nested Scopes               Hylton

This one's got a 50% chance at least.  Jeremy seems motivated to do

> 0230  Warning Framework                      van Rossum

Done except for documentation.

> 0232  Function Attributes                    Warsaw

We need to discuss this more, but it's not much work to implement.

> 0233  Python Online Help                     Prescod

If Paul can control his urge to want to solve everything at once, I
see no reason whi this one couldn't find its way into 2.1.

Now, officially the PEP deadline is closed today: the schedule says
"16-Dec-2000: 2.1 PEPs ready for review".  That means that no new PEPs
will be considered for inclusion in 2.1, and PEPs not in the active
list won't be considered either.  But the PEPs in the list above are
all ready for review, even if we don't agree with all of them.

I'm actually more worried about the ever-growing number of bug reports
and submitted patches.  But that's for another time.

--Guido van Rossum (home page: http://www.python.org/~guido/)