[Python-Dev] Miscellaneous 2.0 installation issues

Eric S. Raymond esr@thyrsus.com
Wed, 27 Dec 2000 14:37:50 -0500

I have 2.0 up and running on RH7.0, compiled from sources.  In the process, 
I discovered a couple of issues:

1. The curses module is commented out in the default Modules/Setup
file.  This is not good, as it may lead careless distribution builders
to ship Python 2.0s that will not be able to support the curses front
end in CML2.  Supporting CML2 (and thus getting Python the "design
win" of being involved in the Linux kernel build) was the major point
of integrating the curses module into the Python core.  It is possible
that one little "#" may have blown that.

2.The default Modules/Setup file assumes that various Tkinter-related libraries
are in /usr/local.  But /usr would be a more appropriate choice under most
circumstances.  Most Linux users now install their Tcl/Tk stuff from RPMs
or .deb packages that place the binaries and libraries under /usr.  Under
most other Unixes (e.g. Solaris) they were there to begin with.

3. The configure machinery could be made to deduce more about the contents
of Modules/Setup than it does now.  In particular, it's silly that the person
building Python has to fill in the locations of X librasries when 
configure is in principle perfectly capable of finding them.
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