[Python-Dev] Windows build issues

Mark Hammond mhammond@skippinet.com.au
Sat, 1 Jul 2000 11:10:08 +1000

> > Also, I get a few warnings when compiling.  One is about an /IZ
> > (I think) option being ignored.  There are a few other warnings
> > as well which I didn't write down.
> Probably 6.0 flags that 5.0 doesn't have.  What can we do?

This was probably "/ZI".

"/ZI" means "symbolic information for edit-and-continue" and is only VC6.
"/Zi" means "symbolic information", and is in _all_ VC versions.

/ZI doesnt give us much for Python.  Im my experience, changing Pythion
binaries while debugging is cute, but pretty useless as often a .py file
_also_ needs changing, and Python doesnt really support "edit-and-continue"
in the same way.

MSVC kindly bumps a "/Zi" option to "/ZI" automatically and silently when
doing the VC5->VC6 updgrade

So I can see no reason not to use "/Zi" for both.  From the GUI, it should
be obvious - its the symbolic debug option without edit-and-continue.