[Python-Dev] test coverage summaries - now updated nightly

Tim Peters tpeters@beopen.com
Sat, 1 Jul 2000 23:42:28 -0400

[Paul Prescod]
> ...If anyone sent me private mail yesterday (perhaps Fred about
> xml.*) they should send it again. My ISP's story is that their ISP went
> belly up without any warning. Grrr.

Ditto!  My POP3 server at MSN crapped out a little after midnight, and I
appear to have lost all mail sent from then until about 2pm.  The pipermail
archives on python.org stopped archiving around midnight too.  My email
.forward from tpeters@beopen.com also seems still to be hosed.  Was July 1
some "32-bit day" that slipped thru paranoia's cracks <0.9 wink>?