[Python-Dev] Application for developer status

Tim Peters tim_one@email.msn.com
Sun, 2 Jul 2000 12:52:52 -0400

[Eric S. Raymond]
> May I have developer status on the SourceForge CVS, please?  I maintain
> two standard-library modules (shlex and netrc) and have been involved
> with the development of several others (including Cmd, smtp, httplib, and
> multifile).
> My only immediate plan for what to do with developer access is to add
> the browser-launch capability previously discussed on this list.  My
> general interest is in improving the standard class library,
> especially in the areas of Internet-protocol support (urllib, ftp,
> telnet, pop, imap, smtp, nntplib, etc.) and mini-language toolkits and
> frameworks (shlex. netrc, Cmd, ConfigParser).
> If the Internet-protocol support in the library were broken out as a
> development category, I would be willing to fill the patch-handler
> slot for it.

Eric, I just added you -- go nuts!  Don't forget your docstrings, and try
hard not to add new modules Guido will hate <0.9 wink -- but new modules do
merit python-dev discussion first>.

Ah, one more:  the layout of the "Edit Member Permissions" admin page on SF
is completely screwed up for me, so you got whatever the default permissions
are.  This looked fine to me a few days ago, but we've added several members
since then.

Would one of the admins using Netscape please check that page for sane
display?  I can't yet tell whether it's an IE5 or SF problem.