[Python-Dev] Just spotted on SourceForge main page

Tim Peters tim_one@email.msn.com
Mon, 3 Jul 2000 17:52:13 -0400

> Maybe this is what all you Windows folks are looking for.
>   SFSetup v1 released
>   mhearn - 06/28/00 11:00   -   SourceForge Setup for Win32
>   SFSetup is a program to automatically setup SSH and WinCVS for
>   SourceForge projects under the Windows 32 platform. It's now available
>   for download so if you have not yet set up SSH and WinCVS and want it
>   done for you, you can use this program. Go to sfsetup.sourceforge.net
>   to find out how to use it. It's open source and written in Delphi -
>   the code is in CVS and any improvements are welcome! Thanks -mike

Note that this requires WinCVS 1.06 specifically (something like that -- see
SFSetup's readme or whatever).  I tried using it with a later version of
WinCVS, and it left my machine in some state such that the behaviors of both
cmdline CVS and WinCVS make no sense to anyone who has seen them actually
working correctly.  Barry in particular is baffled by how I manage to check
in anything at all now.  My ssh_keygen doesn't work either (no, I do *not*
need even more pointers to purported Windows ssh implementations -- I've got
'em all, and I'll eventually unpack the one that happens to work on my
system <wink>).

The great thing about all the instructions I've found so far is that they're
written by people who apparently have no real understanding of how the
underlying components (and/or Windows) work.  So they're full of magical
incantations that may or may not make sense on your particular setup.  They
may as well be trying to explain how to get the Microsoft Foundation Classes
running under Linux <wink>.

poke-&-hope-will-win-in-the-end-ly y'rs  - tim