[Python-Dev] Making -tt the default

Tim Peters tim_one@email.msn.com
Tue, 4 Jul 2000 01:11:27 -0400

[David Ascher]
> Which reminds me that I'd really like the default python-mode.el to use
> more 'strict' defaults than it currently does.

If you can, please be explicit about what exactly in the pymode config you
think needs to be changed.  I can't tell from your complaint.

> I don't know how,

But we should be able to guess <wink>?

> but I routinely generate bad indentations w/ pymode, which I blame on bad
> defaults in the elisp file.  I can fix the config, of course,

If so, being explicit should be a piece of cake ...

> with enough work, but I believe it should be set to a more strict default.

I never got bad indentation out of pymode when I was working on it, so I'm
at a loss here.  It can't prevent you from, e.g., inserting a literal tab
character via C-q, if that's what you're doing.  I assume you're not doing
that, though.  More info!