[Python-Dev] PyArg_ParseTuple and 16 bit bitpatterns

Jack Jansen jack@oratrix.nl
Tue, 04 Jul 2000 23:50:02 +0200

I've adapted PyArg_ParseTuple (and Py_BuildValue) to understand the H
format specifier, which is meant for 16-bit bitpatterns. (in case you
didn't follow the discussion last month: the old lowercase h now
checks values to be in the range -32768..32767, so constants like
0x8000 are not acceptable anymore).

I haven't added an I and L specifier, because (surprise, surprise:-)
for 32-bit integers 0x80000000 turns out to be a legal value, unlike
for their poor 16-bit brethren.

I've currently implemented H as meaning unsigned (i.e. 0..0xffff), but 
on second thoughts I think allowing -32768..0xffff might be better:
there's probably lots of code out there that passes -1 when all 16
flag bits should be set. Please let me know if you have strong
opinions on either meaning before I check this in.

<grumpy mode="on">Note that I'll only adapt PyArg_ParseTuple and the
gazzilion mac-specific occurrences of "h" where a 16-bit pattern is
needed. I've done only a very cursory check of other occurences of
"h", but someone else will have to pick that up if they feel like.
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