[Python-Dev] Spelling check: more typos

Fredrik Lundh fredrik@pythonware.com
Wed, 5 Jul 2000 11:38:55 +0200

> Isn't one the noun (licence) and one the verb (license)?  (mind you
> dictionary.com doesn't think so, so I'd say pick one and stick with it).

fwiw, none of the dictionaries I've checked agree with you.
and they all seem to prefer "license" over "licence".

> > Is "s's" as in "the process's exit code" valid English? 
> I think yes, because "process" is not a plural; it would be "processes'
> exit codes".

according to the only grammar I found:

    1.Singular nouns take 's
    2.irregular plurals take 's
    3.Nouns ending in s (plural or singular) take '

> but-then-I'm-a-mathematician-ly y'rs

and we're a bunch of non-native english speakers ;-)