[Python-Dev] Problems with the new unicodectype.c

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Thu, 06 Jul 2000 00:19:38 +0200

Tim Peters wrote:
> [posted & mailed]
> [Jack Jansen]
> > Is anyone else experiencing problems with the immense new switch in
> > unicodectype.c? Trying to compile it crashes my machine(!)...
> No problem here, but it needs to be fixed for you!  There's no future in
> pushing anyone's compiler limits, and particularly not when Python is
> attracting more attention on smaller platforms (read feebler compilers,
> among others gotchas).
> I believe we also need a way to split unicodedatabase.c into multiple files,
> as > 64K lines in a source file is unreasonable (Python can't handle a
> source file that large either, and Python is the *definition* of
> reasonableness here <wink>), and the MS compiler spits out a warning about
> its sheer size.
> Or was Christian's long-threatened compression patch supposed to reduce the
> line count in that one?

Both the line count and the memory consumption... the same can
be done for unicodectype.c -- but I don't have the time to look
into this, so for now all I can offer is to split the huge
switch in two if that helps.

BTW, if your compiler supports Unicode (that is provides
a working wctype.h file), you can compile Python using
the compile time switch --with-wctype-functions. Python
will then use the C libs iswXXX() APIs which should return
more or less the same values as the Python ones (could be that
the C lib is Unicode 2.0 -- so YMMV). Note that this hasn't
been tested much yet. Feedback is welcome.

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