[Python-Dev] oh, and any interest in my readline history stuff?

Skip Montanaro skip@mojam.com (Skip Montanaro)
Wed, 5 Jul 2000 19:48:19 -0500 (CDT)

    Fred> "bash" doesn't make me set a variable to control saving of history
    Fred> to ~/.bash_history; I'd be perfectly happy if Python wrote
    Fred> ~/.python_history by default ...


I was just following the trend established with PYTHONSTARTUP.  It appears
Guido did it that way on purpose...

It doesn't much matter to me, though I wonder how system-dependent the code
might get if you needed it to be available across multiple platforms.  Unix, 
Windows and Mac all have different (sometimes nonexistent) notions of HOME,
so it would be difficult to implement one mechanism that worked in a
foolproof way.

As for limiting the number of lines read or written (where should the
truncation take place?), I'll gladly add a size parameter to either
read_history or write_history if the underlying readline functions support
the capability.